Delrin 300CPE

General Information
DuPont™ Delrin® 300CPE is a new medium-high viscosity lowemission grade in its acetal resin family, part of the low-emission CPE group.

Excellent Balance of Properties
• Tensile modulus (stiff without the use of fibers)
• Yield Strength
• Impact Strength (including low temperatures)
• Creep resistance
• Fatigue resistance
Without compromising performance, the new
DuPont™ Delrin® 300CPE adds:
• Low emission (below 2 ppm in VDA 275)

Performance Advantages
• Higher tensile properties (>10% vs. HMW)
• Impact resistance (45% higher vs. HMW) over a large
temperature range
• Significantly better flow, which permits:
- better fill of thinner-wall cavities
- more effective design of thin-wall parts
• Superior fatigue resistance
• Higher heat deflection temperature
• Retention of all the other typical properties of Delrin®: low wear and friction, resiliency, chemical and solvent resistance,low-temperature toughness and more
Plus, Delrin® 300CPE offers low VOC emissions (below 2 ppm in VDA 275).

Customer Benefits
• Greater design flexibility to use lower wall thicknesses
through easier tool filling
• Ability to make durable parts at possibly higher
production rates (faster molding cycle time)
• Greater safety factor in impact resistance
• Higher part performance and reliability
• Consistent part performance over wide operating temperature range
When all these benefits are taken into account, designing with Delrin® 300CPE will lead to lower cost per part.
DuPont™ Delrin® design, technical, and processing support to ensure production of a high quality part that delivers on its promise.

Potential applications
A wide range of potential applications including:
• Automotive components: fasteners, seatbelt components, levers, brackets, switches, gears
• Sporting goods: buckles, latches, surface parts
• Window hardware: clips, housings
• Irrigation components: automatic sprinklers, commercial irrigation systems


22 Jul 2022

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